Jim DeZeeuw

Pastor Jim is a recent graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary who grew up on a dairy farm in Falmouth, Michigan. He is excited to work with a congregation that smells better and tries to kick him less often than the cows from back home, although he will always be a farmer at heart and isn't afraid to "roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty" when the need arises. He loves Jesus, taking the first scoop out of a new box of ice cream, laughing, singing, telling corny jokes, TRYING to play golf, and most anything that involves acting like a 6 year old. So far Pastor Jim has preached to approximately 215 million fewer people than Billy Graham, but hopes that one of the people he will have the privilege of sharing the love of Christ with is YOU!

YOuth DIrector

Justine Wiegers

She has aged a little bit since this picture was taken.

Worship COordinator

Susan Wiegers